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24-Pack Displays
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Once your customers clip on a PageKeeper, they'll never have to touch it until they're ready to put it in their next book. Spring tension lets the corner "finger" follow along, page by page, as they read. See what customers are saying…
"I received one of your PageKeeper Bookmarks as a gift, and it has become one of my prize possessions. Where can I get more?"
"This summer, I ran across your very delightful “PageKeeper” bookmarks in a bookstore in Cortez, CO. I bought all they had, some 26 bookmarks. I am using several, and have given away almost all the rest as gifts. Now, I’m almost out of them."
PSC, Casa Grande, AZ
"Hey - great product. I sold out within the week after delivery!"
KCG, Kernersville, NC
"The “PageKeeper” bookmark has not been available in our local shops. I can not understand why as it is the most convenient and practical that I have found."
EGR, Fairfield, CA
"One customer drove an hour to buy one!"
JL, Store Owner, Santa Barbara, CA
"I received one of your PageKeeper bookmarks as a gift. I just love it! I tried to find them in some local stores to no avail. I wish to purchase 4 dozen of them to give as gifts. Your prompt response is greatly appreciated."
"I bought one of your PageKeeper bookmark in Venice, Fla and when I went back to buy another someone had bought them all."
MD, Milan, MI
"I purchased a PageKeeper for myself and found it so useful I looked for more to give at Christmas. I returned to the Walgreens where I made my original purchase. They told me all bookmarks were sold out."
"I bought one of these years ago at a bookstore. When I went back to replace it they no longer carried them. I don't know why. They are the best bookmarks ever!"
TH, Mt. Sterling, KY
"I was given your PageKeeper bookmark and I absolutely can’t live without it. Before it I was always losing my place in my book. Now I want to get a few more for some of my friends and family and I can’t find them around here."
DJP, Morris, AL
"I purchased one of your remarkable bookmarks at a boutique in Volant, Pennsylvania. I am so delighted with it and would like to purchase at least five more. I am not able to find any in the local stores. I would like to use these as stocking stuffers."
BG, Beaver, PA


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